Thursday, November 24, 2016

Mizuno Wave Rider 20 Review

The Mizuno Wave Rider was my training shoe of choice for years while racing in college and post collegiately.  When I heard the Wave Riders were getting a complete makeover, I was so excited to check them out. As a Fitfluential ambassador, I got the opportunity to review the new Wave Rider 20. 

Running shoe companies like Mizuno have continuously evolved their running shoes as new technology is developed, and this newest iteration of the Wave Rider is no different. The Wave Rider  showcases their new Cloudwave Geometry,  a new midsole and updated mesh.

Although the Wave Rider is categorized as a "neutral" or "cushioning" shoe, the Rider provides a level of ground response that makes these shoes feel more alive when running, and enough support which kept my foot on an even keel after stepping on a rut on the road or a rock on the trail. This does not mean that the shoe lacks cushioning; The legs rolled on and the miles kept accumulating without excessive fatigue associated with shoes that have gone thin. It is not a stretch to say the feel of this shoe is attributed to the new Cloudwave Geometry, it certainly did not make it worse. 

The fit is amazing! Through long runs the Wave Rider feels snug without rubbing my feet. The tongue stays up providing a nice padding for the front of the ankle through rolling hills. 

The only real critique is that while the shoe is responsive, the Rider has a heel bias typical with shoes of this type. During fast interval runs or runs trying to maintain mid-foot strike, this shoe can feel cumbersome, even tiring.

Overall, they provide great support and cushioning for most of my running up to fast tempo runs. 

Note: I received these shoes for a review at a small fee.

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