Saturday, August 15, 2015

3D Exercises - Rotational Opposite Arm Driver

In our 3 stances, squat, lunge and single leg, we can use our arms to create different movements. This changes the exercise by putting an emphasis on varying muscles.

The focus of this series is to use our arms to drive rotation at shoulder level.  These exercises develop the muscles of the upper back and rotator cuff. Not only are these exercises great for all athletes, they specifically strengthen the muscles responsible for controlling the follow-through phase of throwing and hitting.


Discus Squat 

Hold a weight in one hand. As you squat, bring the arm out to the side with the thumb up. As you stand, swing arm across the body using the other hand to stop the weight. Repeat then switch sides.

Lunge Matrix 

Holding a dumb bell in each hand lunge forward and take opposite arm across the body toward the knee. Return to the start position. Repeat on the other side.
Side lunge as you bring the opposite arm towards the knee. Return to start position and repeat on the other side. Rotation lunge as you bring the opposite arm toward bent knee. Repeat to start position and repeat on the other side.

Single Leg Balance ( tri-plane arm drive) 

Standing on one leg with weights in each hand, bring hands to shoulders. Reach arms up in front, back to shoulder. Reach behind your head, back to shoulder. Reach to overhead to the side, back to shoulder. Repeat on the side. Turn arms to one side, back to shoulder. Repeat to the other side.

For each exercise perform 10 repetitions and up to 3 sets


Bird Dog (aka quadruped arms and legs) 

Kneel in hands and knee position. While keeping a flat back, straighten opposite arm and leg. Keep the pelvis level as you hold the exercise. Maintain a flat back and level pelvis as you bring your arm and leg back into start position.

Hold for 10 seconds perform 10 times.